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Each appointment starts with a thorough consultation to discuss your hair needs, budget, and desired results. We will create a plan to give you the hair of your dreams!

Popular services


The ultimate low-maintenance look. Hand painted pieces to create the most seamless blend.

Full Foils or Partial

Modern foiling that gives you an overall lighter look right to the root.

Tone, Treat, Trim

This is your balayage/blonding maintenance 2 months after your lightning appointment.

Mini Face Frame or Balayage

Bring up the highlights around your face or near the part line. This is an alternative to a full balayage.

Each service is listed with either a cut which would include a dry and style OR a blowdry which would include dry and style but no cut. As well as long or short hair length. Short would be shoulder and above and long is anything below shoulder length.

Balayage + Blowdry - Short hair: 205+ / Long hair: 235+
Balayage + Haircut - Short hair: 245+ / Long hair: 275+
Full Foils + Blowdry - Short hair: 175+ / Long hair: 195+
Full Foils + Haircut - Short hair: 215+ / Long hair: 235+
Partial Foils + Blowdry - Short hair: 145+ / Long hair: 165+
Partial Foils + Haircut - Short hair: 195+ / Long hair: 215+
Transformative Blonding (multiple techniques used. 4 hrs) - 290+
Tone, Treat, Trim - 120+
Mini Face Frame / Mini Balayage + Blowdry - 121
Mini Face Frame / Mini Balayage + Haircut - 161
Root Touch Up + Blowdry - Short hair: 110+ / Long hair: 130+
Root Touch Up + Haircut - Short hair: 150+ / Long hair: 170+
Colour Combination + Blowdry - 190+
Colour Combination + Haircut - 230+


Olaplex - 20

Mask treatment - 15

Hand-Tied or Tape-In extensions consultation -

50 (taken off final payment)

Please inquire

I'm booking by email only right now as I return from my maternity leave
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